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New Service on Demand 7WD Delivery up to 1SQM

High Level of Services!

We provide you with personalized support for your individual needs. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every order of yours.

We do not become happy because we're Successful....

We become succsseful because our Customers are HAPPY!!

Free DFM check!

We provide complete DFM check to your PCB and Stencil projects for FREE to identify possible production issues that could appear during manufacturing. If we find any defects or errors, we will immediately get in touch with you!

What we offer!

Standard PCB 1 to 14 Layers FR4 Material fromTG 130 to TG 170

Rogers 4003C/4350B

Advanced PCB 1 to 30 Layers FR4 Material from TG 140 to TG 170

FPC/Rigid-Flex FPC PCB up to 8 Layers/Rigid-Flex up to 10 Layers

Metal Core PCB

SMT Stencil

Adjustable Stencil Frame

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Transortation worldwide!

For worldwide destinations we can offer the best transportation solution for you...

PROMO FREE Transportation to Bulgaria,Romania and Greece with SPEEDY

IP Protection!

No worry! We will protect your intellectual property. All of your jobs are confidential!

Full Range of Customers!

We support a full range of customers from hobbyists, designers, engineers, startups to business clients!

Low to High Volume!

No volume limitation! We support from PCB prototyping to volume production!

Bonus Service!

Free services: DFM Check, Full PCB Testing, Free Transportation to Bulgaria ,Romania and Greece!

We sent for Free any extra board we produce!


High quality Products and customer satisfaction are the most important focuses to us which contribute to our success!

Buyer Protection!

We will reproduse your order if the PCB quality is not good as described or is with defects!


High qualiry products with fair prices available for Stencil, PCB prototype, middle or mass production

How to get your free Quote!

1.Send us your Gerber files by email.

2.Get your free Quote in the next 12 hours for simple pcb's and the next working day for more complicated pcb's

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